Cleaning Services in South Bend, IN

You want your home to be picture-perfect. But with work, family and everyday chores vying for your time and energy, going beyond the basics can be challenging. After all, squeezing in a little time to unwind from the daily grind is a must. Whether watching movies with the kids, catching a Notre Dame game or enjoying a well-deserved date night, there's so much to do and see in South Bend, IN. From spring cleaning to preparing for a big gathering, take care of your home without giving up your valuable free time.

Carpet Cleaning

A clean house starts at the bottom. Well-maintained carpets are essential to your comfort, but they also contribute to your family's health. The recommended three-times-weekly vacuuming schedule helps keep your floors clean but stirs up allergens, dust mites and pollutants lurking in carpets and rugs. The humid climate of South Bend, IN, can also encourage mildew and mold growth in carpeting. Schedule a visit from our carpet cleaners twice yearly for a healthier home.

Furniture Cleaning

Your furniture is part of everything you do, from eating and relaxing to catnapping. Keep your sofas, chairs and other furniture comfortable and clean with professional cleanings. Whether you need upholstery cleaning or expert care for your leather furniture, these services can extend the life of your furniture. Professional cleaning also removes harmful bacteria that could threaten the health of your household members.

Floor Care

Give your non-carpeted floors the royal treatment. Whether you have hardwood, concrete or vinyl composite tile flooring, professional treatments restore its beauty and keep it in good condition for years to come. Dirt becomes ground deeply into even the cleanest floors due to foot traffic from people and pets, resulting in a dull finish. Our floor care process does not require sanding, so your hardwood flooring gets the gentle yet effective cleaning it needs to look its best. Sealing and buffing are the finishing touches needed to return it to its former glory. Concrete and VCT floors may be less delicate than wood, but they need TLC too. Cleaning, sealing and other services ensure the long-term health of these flooring types in residential and commercial settings.

Don't be tempted to go the DIY route when it comes to major cleaning projects. Doing it yourself may seem like a money-saving option, but choosing this option can actually cost you money. From cheap cleaners that don't do what they promise -- or worse -- cause damage -- to the time and energy involved, opting for professional carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning and flooring care helps you safeguard your investments. Our expert technicians have the training, equipment and supplies needed to safely and thoroughly clean your furniture and floors. Give your home an upgrade today by contacting Master Care Inc. in South Bend, IN.