South Bend, IN Odor and Stain Treatments

Stain Treatment:

70823968 sDon’t fret if your pet had an “accident!” Specialty treatments are available for all kinds of stains: food dye (example Koolaid or popsicles), ink, toner, rust, blood, pet (urine/vomit/feces) etc. Without appropriate products and skills, a stain can be set rather than removed. Call the MasterCare specialists first! Our “master” technicians are trained to treat stains and odors.

Odor Treatment:

All odors have a physical source. Our technicians are skilled at identifying this source and will recommend treatment solutions. Examples are cigarette smoke, pet, spoiled foods, mildew and even skunk! We use products and ozone equipment to remove odor sources. If you cannot identify and remove the source, odor treatment will be unsuccessful. Call the Mastercare experts for a free consultation!