Mishawaka, IN Cleaning Services

Mishawaka is a northern Indiana city near South Bend and Elkhart. The St. Joseph River passes through it. This area boasts numerous parks, a four-year college and a growing population. Nearly 52 percent of locals own houses, while most other residents rent homes. Both groups sometimes need professional assistance to clean their carpets, fixtures and belongings. MasterCare offers a variety of highly effective cleaning services.

Pro Rug Cleaning

An area rug can easily become dirty as people and pets walk across it each day. Regular cleaning proves vital, but the wrong techniques may void your warranty and do more harm than good. Rug owners mustn't use the same methods as people with wall-to-wall carpets. Strong detergents can degrade the appearance of beautiful Oriental rugs and weaken wool fibers. It's crucial to avoid such mistakes by hand-washing them with plenty of water.

Our technicians have the right skills and equipment to safely clean rugs. We remove dust particles before carefully washing and rinsing the fabric by hand. Even if your rug has remained in use for several decades, it will look like new after undergoing our extraction and grooming process. The staff can provide on-site cleaning in some situations. When we need to wash area rugs at the MasterCare facility, our employees will transport them for you.

Air Duct Cleaning

We thoroughly remove harmful pollutants from homeowners' heating and cooling ducts. Powerful equipment banishes dirt, dust, mold spores, lint and other contaminants. Our workers perform inspections to verify that the ductwork circulates air properly and doesn't contain hazardous substances. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association certifies them. We also clean clothes dryer vents, air conditioner coils and furnace chambers.

Why are these tasks important? Mishawaka residents benefit from greater safety, better health and lower electricity bills when they request duct-cleaning services. A dryer vent may catch fire if it becomes clogged with lint. Grimy air ducts can spread allergens and mold spores throughout the home. They might even harbor pests. Machines must work harder to move air through dirty vents and ducts. This reduces their longevity, wastes energy and increases maintenance costs.

Odor, Stain Treatments

Various things can create unpleasant, embarrassing smells in your home. They include pet urine, mold, cigarettes and spilled foods or beverages. Many people attempt to cover up these persistent odors. They try to solve the problem with strong air fresheners, but this strategy rarely delivers lasting results. MasterCare offers a long-term solution. We find the source of a bothersome smell and use special equipment or treatments to fully eliminate it.

Even if they don't produce displeasing odors, stains can seriously harm your home's appearance. Paint, ink, blood, candle wax and glue sometimes create stubborn spots on carpets or sofas. Certain foods and cosmetic products leave behind oily residues that people find especially hard to remove. The wrong cleaning methods can make stains permanent. Fortunately, MasterCare technicians know how to quickly restore a variety of surfaces to their original appearance.

We clean flooring, furniture and tiles as well. Our family-owned company has served the people of Mishawaka for over two decades. We employ well-trained technicians and carry the appropriate insurance. MasterCare always protects customer health by using hypoallergenic supplies. Our sophisticated modern equipment maximizes cleanliness without causing unnecessary wear and tear. We offer competitive rates and strive to fully satisfy every client. To request a free professional cleaning estimate, please dial 888.344.0123 today.