Lapaz, IN Cleaning Services

45398339 sSmall-town living is still alive and well in La Paz, IN. This Marshall County community may have a Bolivian locale as its namesake, but its history is firmly rooted in Americana. We at MasterCare consider it our duty to help keep the homes and small businesses in this Indiana town clean and comfortable.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Midwestern snow and rain present a challenge when it comes to keeping carpets clean. From sledding to playing in the rain, outdoor family fun often involves the kids tracking in mud and snow. If you own a business, you probably often find clumps of ice from customers' snow boots or pools of water that have dripped from raincoats. Fortunately, our pH-balanced steam-cleaning service protects your carpets from the elements all year round. Our earth-friendly, proprietary hot-water extraction process pre-treats carpets and removes allergens and ground-in dirt for a deep, sanitary clean you can count on -- without endangering your carpet's warranty.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Dirt, oil and moisture can accumulate on your grout and tile. The humidity of the Indiana climate and the grime that comes with everyday living eventually discolor these surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom. Keep these vital areas of your home or business clean and looking great with tile and grout cleaning services from MasterClean. We'll eliminate signs of wear to reveal a fresh new look and a level of cleanliness that goes beneath the surface. In addition to creating more hygienic spaces in residential and commercial settings, our system of products includes a final sealing process. This last step prevents future buildup of soil, moisture and oil to retain the cleanliness and beauty of your tile and grout.

Air Duct Cleaning

Whether you own a business, home or both, good air quality is essential to the health and safety of your structure's occupants and visitors. The pollen and other irritants that plague so many midwesterners can circulate through your ductwork and into your respiratory system. Our technicians are trained to remove dust, mold spores and other debris from your ducts according to the standards of the NADCA, or National Air Duct Cleaners Association. Pre- and post-cleaning, they'll visually inspect your supply and return ducts for the ultimate in cleanliness and dust-free operation. In addition to these services, our techs will clean certain key components of your heating and cooling systems.

From floor to ceiling and everywhere in between, MasterCare is committed to helping you keep your La Paz, IN home or business in tip-top shape all year round. From the unpredictable Indiana climate to the dirt and debris we bring in on our shoes, life can get messy. Our cleaning services for carpets, tile and grout, air ducts and other areas in your home or office help you stay in good health and enjoy a pleasant environment.