Carpet Services South Bend, IN

Carpet Cleaning:

Master Bedroom46556460 sMasterCare uses the hot water extraction process recommended by nine out of ten major carpet manufacturers. Many manufacturers, such as DuPont and Shaw, actually state in their warranty that carpets must be professionally cleaned using the hot water extraction process, at least every 12-18 months or their warranty is void. Our products are hypo-allergenic, bio-degradeable and people and pet friendly.

hypoallergenicThe service includes the technician pre-vacuuming all exposed carpet areas, pre-treating traffic paths and any other heavy spotted or soiled areas and cleaning with the truck mounted hot water extraction process. We have Kinetico water softeners on our trucks so it will be a soft water cleaning with a PH balanced, hypoallergenic, bio-degradable detergent safe for people and pets. You are welcome to have whatever things you want moved out of the way before the technicians arrive, we plan to clean all exposed areas we have access to. If you choose to have our technicians move furniture, we require all breakables (such as plants, lamps, nic-nacs, pictures, etc.) to be cleared from any piece of furniture we will be required to move prior to arrival. Technicians will not assume liability to move furniture not cleared of these items, entertainment centers, china hutches, pianos and so forth. We offer this service for a small additional charge.