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Why does my dryer vent need to be cleaned?

There is a small vent in your dryer that collects the lint and other debris while your clothes are drying. Most of the time, the small particles and the air from the dryer will go through the longer hose at the back of the dryer and outside the house. However, large pieces of debris are caught on the lint screen. This screen and vent need to be cleaned on a regular basis. You should pull out the screen on the dryer at least every other time you dry clothes to see if there is a large buildup. Every dryer use is actually better.

One of the primary reasons you want to clean your dryer vent is for safety. If the lint that is trapped inside gets too hot, it can catch on fire. You need to clean the hose as well as the outside vent area instead of only cleaning the vent and lint screen on the dryer. A clean system will keep everything flowing smoothly instead of clogging up in the system. If you have not replaced your vinyl flex tubing with an aluminum flex or solid metal or pvc 4” pipe, you should. Plastic flex duct was popular for years but is not allowed today in most building codes. The ribbed interior traps lint and as it becomes clogged, it can become very hot and potentially cause a fire. Dryer vents can cause house fires.

Pests can sometimes make a small nest with the lint if the vent isn't cleaned. If these pests aren't removed, then they can end up dying inside the vent hose or destroying the hose by gnawing on the material. MasterCare can help with issues that involve pests so that your dryer vent is secure. 

Another reason you want to ensure that your vent is clean is that it will save money on your electric bill each month. If the vent is clogged, then the air from the dryer won't be able to circulate as it should, which means that the clothes won't dry. You will then need to dry the clothes for another cycle, which uses more electricity that could have been saved if the vent was clean. If the dryer overheats because of a clogged vent, it may cause additional maintenance for the unit. It could also mean a new dryer if the machine overheats too many times or to the point where the elements inside the unit are damaged beyond repair. Signs that the vent needs to be cleaned include clothes taking too long to dry or a burning smell coming from the vent itself.

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