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What are the Best Stain Treatments for Carpets

Life is messy. Pets, children and accidents happen and leave their mark in your home. More specifically, on your carpet. Here are some easy tips and tricks from MasterCare, Inc. professionals to help you get rid of carpet stains.

The First Steps for Removing Any Carpet Stains

When you don’t know for sure where the stain came from, or if it is a fresh spill that you want to rush to clean up, these basic cleaning techniques can be your go-to:

  1. Scrape any solids off with a dull knife.
  2. Use tissues, napkins or towels to soak up the spill.
  3. If needed, dry the carpet with a vacuum.

How to Remove Specific Carpet Stains

The following are stain-specific treatments you can use in your everyday life:


Flush with cold water, pre-treat with laundry soap, brush vertically to break the particles up and thoroughly rinse the stain. If the stain remains, substitute the laundry soap with white vinegar.

Beverages (coffee, tea, pop, wine and other alcohol):

Apply a soaked rag to dab the stain in cold water and pretreat with stain remover. This could be store-bought remover or the alternative solution aforementioned. As a last resort, you can clean the carpet with bleach, but be aware that it could affect the colors of your carpet.


The types of treatments for blood depend on the freshness. If it is really fresh, apply a soaked rag in cold water—do not use hot water because it will set the stains—and clean the carpet by dabbing it with a soaked cloth. For dried stains, apply a soaked rag in warm water with enzyme-based products to loosen the particles and clean the carpet.


If the chocolate is still solid, use a dull knife and gently scrape chocolate off of the stain and apply a soaked rag in cool water. Pretreat with stain remover to clean the carpet that is safe for the type of fabric the stain is on.


Use the hottest water to dab the area with the rag, and then pre-treat in an enzyme-based product. If it remains after that, clean the carpet using the sodium hypochlorite or oxygen bleach.


A detergent booster or laundry soap is good to pretreat lighter stains before cleaning the stain with the hottest water that is safe to use for the fabric. For heavier stains, use store-bought cleaning fluid or the alternative solution above. Continuously soak up the liquid with napkins. Once it dries, you can rinse it and clean the carpet it using the hottest water possible.

These are common treatments for common stains. They are not 100 percent foolproof but are the top ways to “do-it-yourself” at home. If you’re not comfortable using these chemicals for fear of ruining your carpets, then contact MasterCare Incorporated today.

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