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Tips for Cleaning up After a Flood

Floods are a major problem that can cause a lot of damage when you least expect to face the issue, and they can occur without warning. If you want to protect your home after a flood, taking fast action is vital when you would like to minimize the fallout. Knowing what steps to take in the hours, days and weeks following a flood will enhance your odds of reaching your desired outcome, saving you money.

Cleaning Your Walls and Floors

When flood water covers your walls and floors, taking action as soon as you can is an important piece of the puzzle when you don't want to face additional complications. Some floors have wood or vinyl covering them, and you will need to remove the wood or vinyl so that the floor can dry properly.

Opening your doors and windows will help, but it won't always be enough. Try using several large fans to speed up the process so that you can dry your floors and walls as soon as possible. Since flood water is often contaminated with a range of pathogens, disinfecting your walls and floors is essential.

Cleaning Your Furniture

If you are like many flood victims, you are wondering what steps will let you save your furniture after a flood. Chairs, couches and tables made with a wood veneer will be challenging to dry and clean, so they might not be worth the effort. You can place other furniture on a plastic sheet outside to dry it and prevent further damage, and you will be on track. Also, putting wet furniture in a room with fans and a dehumidifier is a great way to remove moisture and restore your items, but you can't forget to disinfect everything before using it again.

Cleaning Your Basement

When flood water gets into your basement, it will likely bring mud along for the ride, making your problem even worse. You can begin by using a pump to remove the water from your basement so that you can shovel the mud away. If you need to enter your basement before you get the water out of it, ensure that you put on waterproof boots to safeguard yourself from possible infections.

Turning to a Professional

No matter how hard you try, you won't be able to replicate the results offered by a team of experts. If a flood has destroyed parts of your home and you want to reverse the damage without making the situation worse than it already is, turn to MasterCare. When you do so, we will come to your home, review the damage and get to work restoring as much of your property as possible.

We proudly serve multiple Indiana and Michigan communities, so check out our service area to see if we can help!

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