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The Risks of At-Home Stain Removal

You are sitting at home and enjoying your favorite movie or television show with your family when someone knocks over a glass of juice, staining your carpet or upholstery. 

As a natural reaction, you rush to the bathroom to grab your cleaning supplies so that you can remove the stain. While taking care of a stain without expert help is possible, you risk making the situation worse than it already is or creating a safety hazard for you and your family if you use the wrong products.


Learning how the wrong approach to stain removal can cause discoloration is a great step when your goal is to choose the path that makes the most sense. While harsh chemicals can remove stubborn stains when you apply them the right way, mistakes can cause the chemicals to discolor your carpet or upholstery. It can also cause color loss (bleaching) or ‘set’ the stain permanently so that even a professional with proper tools and knowledge cannot remove it.

When you fall into that trap, reversing the damage will be next to impossible, and you will need to buy a replacement or live with the damage. Most people are unaware of the threat and get caught off guard. If you want to remove the stain without causing other issues, you must read and follow the instructions and warnings. 

Scratches and Scrapes

When your goal is to remove a stain from a leather couch or chair, powerful chemicals are not recommended. You will need to use a clean, soft, white towel and the proper products to clean the spot if you want to have any hope of restoring your furniture to the condition it was in before the spill. 

Some people use the wrong materials or scrub for too long, and they can damage their couch or chair as a result. Being careful can reduce the odds of causing damage but won’t eliminate the risk, so you will need to consider if moving forward by yourself is the right call. Most leather furniture manufacturers have a website with care recommendations. Consult your paperwork or their website before doing anything.

Toxic Chemicals

A lot of people have trouble removing stains when they are not trained to do so, and they sometimes use more than one cleaning solution to complete the task, which is dangerous. Combining the wrong chemicals can create a toxic reaction that will put your health on the line. 

No matter how much you want to remove the stain, risking your safety is never worth it. If one cleaning solution did not remove the stain, you must flush the spot thoroughly with water and let it dry before you try something else. Using the wrong products may result in setting the stain permanently so be careful to use appropriate cleaning agents.


When you have stains and want to address them in a way that will give you the best possible results, you can't beat the touch of a professional. Consult our stain chart on our website and, if those suggestions do not work, call us for an appointment. At MasterCare, we have the training and equipment needed to handle the toughest stains, and we will try to meet your needs. Give us a call if you have any questions or want to learn more about what we can do for you.

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