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Most Common Stains on Carpet and How to Clean Them

If your house is full of children and pets, carpet stains are inevitable. Fortunately, most stains can be remedied with a quick response and the right cleaning tools. Learning about some of the most common carpet stains can help you prepare for life's little accidents.

Helpful hints before you begin:

  • Act quickly, the longer a spill is on your carpet chances are higher the stain will become permanent.
  • If a spot is liquid, always blot with a dry, white, absorbent cloth or white (no print) paper towel.
  • Do not scrub the area! If the spill is semi-solid, then gently scrape up with a rounded spoon working from the edges to the center. If the spill is a solid, break it up and remove by vacuuming.
  • Pretest any spot removal solution in an inconspicuous area for fiber damage or color loss.
  • Apply a small amount of selected cleaning solution on a white cloth and gently work in from the edges toward the center.
  • Blot do not scrub! Absorb as much as possible and repeat if necessary.
  • After the spill has been removed, rinse with cold water until all the solution has been flushed out and blot dry with a cloth.

Some simple household solutions that will help:

Detergent solution: Mix ¼ tsp of clear dishwashing liquid with 1 cup of lukewarm water.

White Vinegar solution: Mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 1 cup of cool water.

Ammonia solution: Mix 1 tablespoon of household ammonia with 1 cup of lukewarm water. Warning, improper use can cause color changes so test in a hidden area before using.

Food Stains

Dropping a piece of bread on the carpet is unlikely to leave much residue behind, but you may have quite a mess on your hands if the bread had honey or peanut butter on it. Semi-solid spills need to be gently scraped up with a rounded spoon working from the outer edges toward the center. Lightly spray on the above detergent solution, a blot with a damp cloth repeating as needed until residue appears gone. After the spill has been removed, rinse with cold water until all solution has been removed and blot dry with a towel.

Pet Accidents

Pet accidents on the carpet are unpleasant to deal with and can leave an odor if left untreated and urine sinks into pad underneath the carpet. Put on a pair of disposable gloves and have a trash bag handy when you work on this type of stain. Begin by blotting up excess liquid and debris with a paper towel and toss immediately into your bag. You may be able to get the remaining stain out with a cloth by applying detergent solution followed by ammonia solution, followed by white vinegar solution rinse. If no one noticed the accident for several hours, you may need to moisten the area more heavily before you can use a towel to blot out. If there are odors left behind, you may need to call MasterCare to treat the subsurface padding with professional enzyme products, cleaning agents and weighted extraction process. If you prefer to take care of the odor yourself, you may need to roll back the carpet, cut out affected pad, replace and stretch carpet back into place.

Coffee Stains

Coffee may be delicious, but it leaves behind an ugly stain from the natural tannin dye that is difficult to remove if you let it linger. As with other liquid stains, start your treatment by blotting out the extra liquid with paper towels. Remember to take care to only blot the mess; you don't want to push the liquid further into the carpet and spread it. Next, use the detergent solution repeating until color appears gone. Follow with the vinegar solution to rinse residue from carpet fiber. Follow with a cool water rinse and blot dry. You may need to try this method several times to achieve results.

Blood Stains

Cutting your toe on your son's misplaced toy is sure to put you in a bad mood. However, blood isn't impossible to remove from carpet. Fill your spray bottle with a cold water ammonia solution and blot until color appears gone. Follow with a detergent solution and then a cool water rinse. Use a paper towel to blot dry.

Some carpet stains are tough to clean without the experience of a professional. Contact MasterCare Incorporated today to get a free estimate for stain treatment and carpet cleaning in your home.

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