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How to Keep Your Wood Floors Clean

A hardwood floor adds value and aesthetic beauty to any home, and it’s become a highly desirable add-on to many newly constructed homes. There are, however, some quid pro quos that come with installing or buying a house with hardwood floors.

Cleaning and maintaining your floor requires some planning and extra effort, but the value and beauty it adds to your home more than compensate for the extra work. Here’s a brief guide to keeping your hardwood floors clean and looking their best.

No Shoes in the House

Sneakers and hard-soled shoes not only leave dust, grit and sand behind, but they also grind it into the finish of the floor. The constant abrasion caused by these particles can destroy your floor over time. Put mats down inside and outside the entryways of your home and consider putting runner rugs or area rugs down in high traffic areas to limit the damage done over time from people walking indoors and wearing your hardwood floor finish down to the wood.

Vacuum Before Mopping

Naturally, you don’t want to spread abrasive dirt around and scratch up your floor while cleaning. Start your cleaning by vacuuming with a standard canister vacuum or brushless vacuum. Once the dirt and grit are off the floor, you are ready to clean the floor with a wet mop without the risk of scratching.

Wax any Scratches

Floor care and cleaning suppliers make crayons specifically for waxing over scratched hardwood floors, but if you have a regular wax crayon in the right color, that will work just as well. Rub the wax into the scratch, then heat it with a blow dryer. Buff it with a soft cloth to blend it in, and you’re done. This is an excellent and inexpensive way to keep your floors looking good for years to come.

Does your home have hardwood floors? If they were in good shape when you got them, hopefully you’ve been able to maintain them in that condition. If not, you may want to call in a professional to get them back up to a manageable level so you can continue to keep them clean and beautiful on your own.

Homeowners who are local to the South Bend, Indiana area should contact MasterCare Incorporated to have their hardwood floors professionally cleaned and restored. Don’t let your hardwood floors get destroyed slowly by daily wear and tear. Call MasterCare and make your old hardwood floor look like new again.

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