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How to avoid bringing road salt into the house when it snows

The holiday season often means that the accumulation of ice and snow are likely in the coming months. The majority of city maintenance companies rely on road salt to create safe roadways when winter weather occurs. Since you're likely to have many visitors in your home during the holiday season as well, it can be helpful to learn effective ways to keep road salt out of your home.

Dangers of Bringing Road Salt Indoors

Why is it important to keep road salt outdoors and off of your flooring? There are a couple of reasons why it can be an important step in maintaining your home. For starters, road salt can form hard crystals that stick to the bottom of your shoes. These hard crystals can cause damaging scratches to hardwood and laminate floors when they are brought indoors. It can also cause pitting in stone and masonry surfaces. Secondly, road salt can create unsightly stains on carpeting or area rugs throughout your home. In terms of maintaining a clean and attractive home, it makes sense to avoid bringing road salt indoors as much as possible.

Ways to Prevent Road Salt from Being Tracked Indoors

How can you prevent your family and friends from tracking road salt into your home this winter? There are a variety of tips listed below that can make this much easier.

Have entry mats at every doorway to wipe feet thoroughly. Daily vacuuming and mopping during the times salt is used is recommended.

Lose the Shoes

Many families opt to remove their shoes as they enter the home. This will keep everyone who comes into your home this holiday season from carrying in road salt residue on their shoes. It also serves the purpose of lengthening the lifespan of your carpeting and protecting it from stains.

Use Shoe Covers

Some people choose to place inexpensive shoe covers over the bottom of their shoes when they go outdoors. These can then be removed and thrown away as you enter the home, revealing clean and fresh shoes underneath.

Be Mindful of the Pets

If you have indoor cats or dogs that make their way outside from time to time, be sure to remain aware of the condition of their feet. Since it is unlikely that you will teach your cat or dog to wipe their paws before entering the home, this can be a difficult factor to control. You may choose to contain indoor and outdoor pets to a specific area of the home where they are likely to cause the least amount of damage to the flooring. Alternatively, you could opt to wipe their paws off each time they come back indoors during periods where ice and snow are present.

At Master Care, we understand how important it is to maintain a clean and beautiful home. You will want to keep your home protected in all respects as you enjoy your holiday gatherings this season. We can provide you with practical solutions beginning with our website stain treatment guide, floor cleaning services, and other household maintenance recommendations to keep your home clean and beautiful.

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