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Fall Carpet Cleaning is an Important Step in Maintaining a Healthy Home

Did you know that cleaning your carpets every fall is one of the most important things you can do to help protect your indoor air quality, lessen allergens and lengthen the life of your carpet?

Before you hire a carpet cleaning company, you should know that not all cleaning businesses operate to the same standards. MasterCare Incorporated offers all-inclusive carpet care services that rely on Ph-balanced hot water extraction. This is the method your carpet manufacturer specifies as the only method that doesn't void your carpet warranty.

Most homeowners don't realize that in order to maintain their carpet warranty, they must have professional carpet cleaning services at specified intervals, generally every 12-18 months depending on the carpet manufacturer.

When you contact us to clean your carpet, we pride ourselves on providing you with an exceptionally clean and excellent customer service. Our carpet cleaning services include a thorough vacuuming of areas to be treated, pretreating of heavily soiled or stained carpet, and moving furniture to reach all areas of the carpet that is to be cleaned.

Now that you know how your carpet should be cleaned, let's look at why you should do this every fall:

  • Summer pollen, allergens and dust can settle deep into your carpet fibers where standard vacuums can’t reach. Over the winter, many of us rely on forced air heating systems for our home. As you walk around your house, these particles can be released into the air. Once airborne, these particles are recycled through the ventilation system of your home and can be trapped in ductwork as well as re-settled onto any surface or piece of furniture inside your home. This can lead to eye and throat irritation and many other negative health effects due to exposure to indoor air contaminants.
  • Regular cleaning can help extend the life of your carpet. If you've looked closely at your carpet, you'll see it's made of woven fibers that connect to a semi-firm backing. Dirt, grime and other items can be pushed down into the nap of the carpet. As you continue to walk on your carpet, you could be moving these small pieces of dirt against the fibers and backing. This can cause tears and fiber loss near the base. Regular, professional steam-cleaning is the most efficient way to ensure that the normal dirt that becomes trapped in the carpet is removed before it can cause extensive damage.
  • Mold and mildew are potential carpet hazards. Spores can be tracked into your home and onto your carpet during the summer months and grow during the winter. Professional carpet cleaning helps remove these spores before they spread into a larger problem.

With winter fast approaching, the time to schedule your carpet cleaning services is now. Contact MasterCare Incorporated to find out more about our specialized services and have your carpets cleaned today.

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