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Caring For Your Floors in Winter

We all know that winter brings its challenges to Michigan and Indiana. The weather frequently changes from reasonable temperatures, to rain, ice and snow. While we take steps to protect ourselves, our cars and our homes from the extreme weather, people often overlook one thing that really takes a beating: their floors.

Protecting Your Floors

MasterCare, INC, a leading home cleaning service in the area, has seen first-hand the damage that neglecting your flooring can cause. While we provide our best services to help mitigate the effects winter can have on your flooring, we’d like to help our customers maintain their surfaces in-between our professional cleanings. This will not only extend the life of your service but will help keep your floors beautiful through many winters to come.

There are a few elements present in winter that affect your floors. One is the temperature change. The colder it is outside; the more people love to turn the heat up inside. It’s understandable, but the dry heat can damage your carpet and hardwood.

The second consideration is the snow and rain. When moisture is tracked inside, it can damage laminate, vinyl, carpet and tile. Lastly, the salt and snow melting products placed on public roads and walkways can quickly mar the surface of many types of flooring. Below are a few tips to help prevent this damage:

  • Carpet care is different in winter. Any soft flooring should be vacuumed regularly to help remove salt particles. Moisture should be dried quickly. Frequent deep cleans with professional services can reach deeper into the carpet than commercially available carpet cleaners, eliminating dirt, salt and debris that can damage carpet fibers.
  • Excess moisture retained deep in the carpet fibers can, over time, cause damage to the carpet padding underneath. This leads to unattractive bunching visible on the carpet surface, as well as matting of the carpet fibers. It can also encourage mold growth from any spores brought in during the summer. Always immediately blot any water that is tracked in and consider an indoor rug next to frequently used doors.
  • Hard floor surfaces have their own challenges. For wood floors, regular dust mopping can remove the sharp remnants of salt that can scratch the surface of your floor. Floors should be mopped as needed with a manufacturer approved cleanser.
  • Grout, tile and other surfaces that have varied depth should be vacuumed frequently to help remove abrasive chemicals from areas that are difficult to reach with a broom.

As always, the best way to protect your floors during winter is with a thorough, professional cleaning before and after the season. Contact MasterCare INC. to learn more about our affordable, effective cleaning and maintenance programs that will help protect your investments.

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